WordPress 101 “Get Your Website Together” Course

Next Start Date: Fall 2017

#leapontothewebGet Your Own Professional Website Together with this WordPress Course for Business Owners.

Join me for 8 weeks of hands-on supported learning. This course will teach you to plan and build your own fully-functioning, professional WordPress Website using the Divi Framework from Elegant Themes.

By the end of the course, you’ll have a website that beautifully communicates your key messages and reaches your most important customers. You’ll also know how to change and use your website so it works effectively for your business.

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Build your own site with my hands-on WordPress course!

Yes! Contact me and let’s see if this course is a good fit for my business!

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Want more than a video and a printout?

Ever get the feeling that some online courses don’t have much substance? That’s not my style.

My classes are live and interactive, building on new “wins” each week. You’ll see your website develop with each week’s new skills.

I want you to be successful. Each week, a 30-minute support session is included where you get hands-on help with our class tasks. I also run a dedicated private Facebook group for ongoing discussions within the class group.

By Application Only! Let’s make sure this class is a great fit for you before you sign up. This class is hands-on, inspired work for those who are ready to create their own hardworking websites. It’s a lot of work, a lot of fun, and it will work best if you’re ready to invest time and thought into it.

BC BUSINESSES! Get a Training Grant! This course is eligible for the Canada-BC Job Training Grant. Ask me how you can get this grant, too. Email me now at: lindsay@leapontotheweb.com.

WordPress 101 – Build and Manage Your Website

Build Your Own Website with WordPress

Get your website together in just a few weeks with this hands-on training.

This course will teach you to plan and build your own fully-functioning, professional WordPress Website.  Participants will also gain the skills they need to manage and maintain their business Website once it’s running. SEO, Blogging, Plugins and Social Media will all be discussed.

Learning Outcome:

Successful participants will have created a professional Website, complete with 3-5 pages of content, company information, navigation, a contact form, and connection to at least 1 social media account.

Assessment Methods:

Each session teaches technical skills and actionable steps that build upon the steps learned in the previous session. Participants will be evaluated based on completion of assigned homework after each session.

Delivery Method:

Learn from the comfort of your home or office. This course is delivered online, with scheduled formal class times. A combination of lectures, handouts, homework assignments and online group discussion will be used. This is a quality-packed course that will give you real skills and outcomes.

Homework is provided and questions are answered and discussed within online discussion group for course participants.

Course Dates:

Start Date for Early Spring Session: Next Start Date is September 2016 – Ask about other start dates.

Completion Date for Early Spring Session: Courses take 8-10 weeks. Next completion date is November 2016.
(Note: There is one “break week” during the sessions. Participants will be encouraged to use this extended time for course homework.)

Additional sessions are offered through the year.

Course Hours:

Number of Sessions: 8 x 75-minute scheduled online instruction sessions

Course Support Sessions: Students are encouraged to use a 30-minute support session available to them during each instructional week of the course. A private online discussion group is also included in the course package.

Student Homework Sessions: Students should expect to put in between 2-6 hours per week for homework. (Depending on the student’s goals.)

Days for Fall 2016 Session: Next Course Dates are expected to be on Tuesdays in September, October and November 2016. Ask about other course dates and times that will fit your schedule.

Hours: Sessions will be at 11AM on course days.

Each session is comprised of lecture time and interactive discussion. Practical work will be assigned in each session, working towards the completion of the WordPress Website project.  The instructor will provide guidance in an online setting to assist with completion of homework tasks.

Course Fee and Details:

Tuition: $1,950 plus GST

Additional Costs:

Your new Website will be built on a powerful platform. You’ll require a subscription to Elegant Themes for your framework.  We will discuss how you can save money when you renew your annual subscription for this software.

We will also discuss why we selected this theme framework, and how it compares to other themes.

Additional costs will be incurred for purchasing your domain name and hosting plan, as well as any premium plugins you decide to use. The hosting and domain name costs will need to be paid at the beginning of the course.

Other Requirements:

Participants will create more successful Websites if they have their logo and colour scheme already selected. You may also want to have some images on file that you will use on your company Website – this will be discussed in the course.

A Laptop or Desktop computer is required, with the most updated version of Chrome (a web browser).

Students will use Zoom for interactive online learning. Please ensure that your browser meets the requirement for using a free Zoom account.

Course Audience:

This course is designed for small business owners and employees. The formal lectures, homework assignments and group discussions will walk you through the entire process of building your very first professional Website. Quickly learn how to work with self-hosted WordPress, how to plan, build and improve your Website, and what to do with it.

  • Build your own professional-looking WordPress Website.
  • Get the skills you need to manage your Website.
  • Learn how to use your Website to bring in new clients or customers.

Beginners are welcome – if you can use email, you can learn WordPress! If you have some WordPress experience already, there is plenty of room for you to expand on your knowledge with this course, and take your first Website even further.

The WordPress Theme:

This course is standardized to work with a premium framework from a well-known WordPress theme company – the Divi Framework from Elegant Themes. This is a very flexible framework with standardized good-quality code, many useful features out of the box and an excellent online support base.

Course Components:

Session One: Getting Set Up

  • Planning your Website
  • Writing your Website Content
  • Finding Images for your Website
  • Selecting Colours and Fonts to Communicate your Business Identity
  • Buying a Domain Name
  • Setting up a Hosting Account
  • Installing WordPress
  • Installing your Theme and Child Theme (*See information below about the theme used in this course.)

Session Two: Admin Tasks for Your Site

  • Technical Skills
    • Website Backups and Security
    • Maintaining your Website Properly
  • Website Work
    • Configuring your Theme for your Business
    • Importing your logo, adding your Social Media accounts
    • Ideas & Resources for Graphic Design

Session Three: Plugins and SEO

  • Using WordPress Plugins to add Functionality to your Website
  • Installing a Useful SEO Plugin
  • An Introduction to SEO
  • Editing your Website Content with SEO in mind

Session Four: Creating your Website Pages

  • Creating your Website Home Page and Inner Pages
  • Obtaining Photos for your Website
  • Adding Photos, Links and Videos
  • Using a Free Online Program to Enhance & Re-Size your Photos

Session Five: Putting it All Together

  • Creating your Menus
  • Creating a Contact Form
  • Working with Widgets

Session Six: Your Website as a Business Tool

  • Using your Website in Marketing your Business
  • Why Blog?
  • How to Blog – setting up a Blog Post
  • Introduction to Sharing your Blog Posts on Social Media
  • An Introduction to Setting Up Mailchimp to Collect Email Addresses


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