Love StoryBrand?

Don’t love doing it alone?

Build & Rise is an 8-week guided group program designed to help you implement StoryBrand’s teachings into your marketing.


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Stop second-guessing yourself. It’s time to get StoryBrand working for you.

StoryBrand can help you stand out from the noise. But doing it yourself can leave you feeling unclear.

There’s a big difference between understanding the value of StoryBrand and getting it to work in your business.

Often, you’re simply too close to your business to see it clearly.

Or you get stuck in the details.

At Mighty Ink Marketing, we believe every business deserves to start with a clear messaging strategy. It’s the foundation for a solid marketing program. It can magnetize ideal clients to your brand.

So we created Build & Rise: a guided 8-week group program to help you implement StoryBrand and get traction in your business.

Take a giant leap forward.

Armed with a clear plan, lit up by ideas sparked in community, and supported by your marketing coaches, you will finally build out your genius messaging. 

No more second-guessing yourself, spinning your wheels, or wondering if you’re doing it right.

Get a coach on your side to help you stop overthinking, and nudge you in the right direction.

Together, we’ll craft the essential pieces that form the foundation for all your marketing. With our guidance and feedback, you’ll create your:

  • StoryBrand Brandscript
  • One-liner (aka your elevator pitch)
  • Website home page wireframe
  • Lead generator
  • Email sales funnel, and
  • A simple plan to continue your marketing.

By the end of our time together, you’ll have the foundation you need to magnetize your ideal clients and step forward confidently to grow your business.

Go from stuck to supported.

Over the course of 8 weeks, we’ll coach you through the proven, foundational 5-part marketing system that StoryBrand teaches.

Through live video coaching calls, hot seats, and online feedback, we’ll support you, step by step to get StoryBrand’s foundations working for you.


Calls are Fridays at 9:30 AM Pacific Time, with two exceptions: Friday March 1 and Friday April 5 will be at 12:00 PM PT. (Marked by asterisks in the schedule below.) We encourage you to attend all sessions; replays will be available after each call.

Use this tool to convert the times to your time zone.

February 23, 2024


Join us the week of February 19th for a kick-off call with Lindsay and Beth. You’ll meet your fellow founders, share goals and review your pre-work assignment together.

February 27-28
STORYBRAND Live Marketing workshop

Your registration includes your ticket to the StoryBrand Marketing Workshop (full details here), which takes place live online February 27-28. These are two full days packed with catalyst content to help your create your brand story and communicate your value so customers listen.

Our intimate breakout room will be your digital home base as we activate what we learn together in real-time.

At the end of this 2-day workshop, you’ll be equipped with new skills to create effective storytelling for your marketing.

March 1*

Everyone will get a turn to share their brand story and get coaching. At the end of our 90 minutes together, your story will be refined and ready to use in your marketing materials.

March 8

Review and write the homepage of your website in a wireframe (a prototype plan showing where the copy and images on your website will go).

Your home page will help enlighten your customer about how you can solve their problems and bring them into a deeper relationship with you.

March 15

Lead generators help build your email list and establish credibility with your audience. Together we will help create your lead generator ideas and your plan to execute them with ease.

March 22

A working and learning session designed to to help you refine the lead generators and website wireframes you created after the last two sessions.

April 5*

Your email sales campaign starts as soon as someone downloads your lead generator. We’ll share a system of emails that agitates a problem, overcomes objections, and asks for a sale.

April 12

A working and learning session designed to to help you set up your automated email series in your program of choice. Select your preferred provider from our recommended options. 

April 19
SOCIAL MEDIA & Celebration 🎉

The goal of social media for any brand should be to pique existing and potential followers’ interest enough to get them to engage further. We show you how to leverage your new marketing assets for social media success using your story parts and the 70/30 rule.

In the end, we will raise a glass to your success.

Beth Carr

Beth Carr: 18+ year veteran brand builder, messaging strategist, LinkedIn Top Voice and owner of Fortified Branding.

Photo of Lindsay Carlson Mighty Ink Marketing Strategist and Certified StoryBrand Guie

Lindsay Carlson, 16+ year brand & marketing strategist, website expert, podcast host, and owner of Mighty Marketing & Communications.

You didn’t start your business to also have to be an expert at marketing.

But we did.


We’re Lindsay Carlson and Beth Carr, your guides for this program. We’re both brand experts, business advisors, and Certified StoryBrand Guides.

We are so excited to have you here and can’t wait to help you fall back in love with why you started your business in the first place.

We’ve seen the power of StoryBrand’s framework for small businesses looking to get traction in their marketplace.

We’ve been dreaming up a way to make it easier and more accessible for small business founders and entrepreneurs to get the quality guidance and support to help them market their business well.

That’s why we designed this 8-week guided journey. We’ll share our best tools, templates, and ideas with you, helping you implement StoryBrand and create unforgettable marketing so your business can thrive.

Because your business deserves a chance to thrive. And so do you.

What is StoryBrand and why should you use it?

StoryBrand is a proven framework for businesses to stand out in a noisy marketplace.

The framework is based on the 7 key parts of story that create curiosity and connection, which then leads to conversion.

We position your ideal audience as The Hero and you as their Guide. (Once you’ve seen how effective this approach is, you won’t believe how many agencies and companies miss out on this key tactic to create connection and interest.)


Why is this framework so effective and important?

Story is an effective method of communicating your value and compelling others to fall in love with your brand.

Business coaches, mentors, and authors Donald Miller and Dr. J. J. Peterson, who created the StoryBrand framework studied the structure and marketing of stories for decades.

They saw a gap between how movies tell stories that captivate their audience for hours… and how businesses fall short in telling their own stories.

They created the StoryBrand framework to help organizations tell activating stories like the entertainment industry (which leads to what is also known as Empathy Marketing).

Your coaches, Lindsay Carlson and Beth Carr, trained were hand-trained by Donald Miller and Dr. J.J. Peterson, and for the past 5 years have been honing their skill in this method.

There truly is no other method that’s as effective for communicating your value to magnetize your ideal client.

Hear from a few of Lindsay and Beth’s happy clients:

Back in 2020 during the lockdown, I had to close my retail spa boutique and pivot the skincare side of my business to an E-commerce.  I was really struggling with all the changes happening in my life and business.  Then, I found Beth Carr. She helped me get clarity on my brand message so I can communicate immediate value, connect with my ideal customers, and grow my business. I was able to realize 32% new revenue after launching our new online store within 60 days of launch. Since then, we grew our email list to over 4000 and significantly increased our email marketing open rate to 40%, with some improvements in our conversion rate.  

Cheryl Pierce

Owner, Skinworx

I have been trying to crack this code for about ten years (true story) and think basically I did over the past 12 hours [in the StoryBrand Live Marketing Workshop].

Kevin L.

StoryBrand Small Group Coaching Participant

This team knows how to capture your voice, capture your story, and help get it out there in a really fun way. We laugh so much. But yet, we also work really hard. It’s probably been the best thing I’ve done for my business, it’s really helped me grow my business. So thank you everybody! 

Erin Duffy, Founder

InspirationSQRD (R)

Lindsay is so supportive and always willing to help. And the entire group was so lovely to interact with. The weekly presentation were always great, fill with things I could do right away. And the homework pushed me just enough and kept me accountable. It helped me define my strategy and then build out all the amazing tactics to really make my content amazing and on target. I loved it all!

Lindsay White

Podcast Host and Leadership Consultant, High Voltage Coaching, Previous Course Participant

I have been getting amazing feedback on the website and great traction as well, especially on LinkedIn. Thank you so much, Lindsay, for the beautiful site!

Sofia Arisheh, Founder

Upskill Consulting

After our initial meetings, I doubted anyone could ever make sense of our babble. Beth showed up to our sessions together like a magical fairy godmother who makes everything right and better, and she blew my mind. I could not believe she not only got it, but managed to clearly and succinctly articulate our story, message, purpose, and funnel, which is something we had been trying for 10+ years to do on our own (unsuccessfully). It’s literally like Beth showed us the light, and now we have more clarity, direction, and faith in where we are and how to get where we want to go. We have a trusted guide in Beth.

Mariel Freeman

Owner, Three Queens Yoga

Beth Carr was amazing to work with and helped me with not only creating amazing brand messaging but also guiding me through steps to help clarify what really needed to be said in my industry. Working with her was a fantastic experience and she is truly an expert at what she does. A copy and messaging queen. 

Chelsea Sanders

Photographer, Artist, Co-Founder, Blueline Films

Lindsay always exceeds my expectations. She thinks of things I would not and addresses questions before they even come to mind. She is very good at giving encouragement while also helping people to be better at the current project.

Jeannie Henderson

Owner, Jeannie Cleaning , Previous Course Participant

Lindsay, I find you extremely wonderful to work with – you have a really alchemical mix of fantastic listening skills, practical acceleration, solid advice and forward movement! And patience and calm!

Andrea J. Lee

Coach to High-Achieving Entrepreneurs

Lindsay is very encouraging in a low-key way that reduces pressure. Her bright encouraging low-key personality, mixed with her very specific answers and suggestions, make the sessions very worthwhile and enjoyable.

Nitsan Gaibel, Entrepreneur

Previous Course Participant

If you’re ready to build your business and finally launch your website, grow your brand, and attract your dream clients and customers, you’re in the right place.

We’d love you to join us if this sounds like you:

  • You’re growing a business, and you know your marketing could be easier and more effective
  • You are a seasoned professional embarking on a new path in your career and possibly in a new industry
  • You have an abundance mindset and you’re changing your fleeting thoughts of scarcity into ones of possibility
  • You love StoryBrand and want to make sure you’re doing it right
  • You see the value of having TWO seasoned Certified StoryBrand Guides to help you hone in on the aspects of your business you may not be able to see
  • You have a deep desire to create an impact not only for yourself and your family’s lives but also to serve at a higher level that ultimately helps humanity

You’ll get our expert tools, templates, examples, ideas, and coaching so your brand can shine.

What’s my investment?

Our goal is to offer this program at a fraction of what it typically costs to work with us.

By the end of our time together, you’ll have the foundation for your marketing. You can step forward confidently to grow your business.

To secure your spot, choose which payment plan works best for you. Click the link to grab your seat.

Payment Plan

Two payments of $1,075 USD


✔️ Your ticket for the StoryBrand Live Online Workshop, Febuary 27 & 28, 2024 (Value $995 USD)

✔️ Build & Rise Registration: 8-week guided group program with our best tools, strategies, and ideas so your business can soar.

✔️ Payments over two months, to help with cash flow.

Pay in Full

$1,997.00 USD


✔️ Your ticket for the StoryBrand Live Online Workshop, Febuary 27 & 28, 2024 (Value $995 USD)

✔️ Build & Rise Registration: 8-week guided group program with our best tools, strategies, and ideas so your business can soar.

⭐️ VIP Extra

$2,297.00 USD

✔️ Your ticket for the StoryBrand Live Online Workshop, Febuary 27 & 28, 2024 (Value $995 USD)

✔️ Build & Rise Registration: 8-week guided group program with our best tools, strategies, and ideas so your business can soar, AND

✔️ Additional 60-minute Private Clarity Session for more expert feedback and to map out next steps for your brand.

We cannot wait to see you in the program and watch your business thrive.

Not sure which one is for you? Don’t want to DIY? Let’s talk!

Book a call or email Lindsay ( to discuss your options.

Break out of the struggle. You don’t have to figure it out all alone.

As a business owner or marketing leader, your plate is already full enough. Coaching and support make it easier, and help get it done.

Register today to join Build & Rise.